Welcome to the future, expect technical difficulties.
If all goes well, you’ll see live streams from all the artists
(use the arrows to navigate between sections).
If the feeds don’t AUTOPLAY, hit the play buttons.
This exhibition is SOUND ON: make sure to unmute
(you should only have to do this on the first page)
If someone’s OFFLINE, refresh your browser.
If you’re suffering from BUFFERING, pick an artist to focus on.
Once you’ve indulged the live opening, click through using the links below the feeds to browse the artwork documentations.
Some artworks will be missing documentation because they’re being made right now. Others are ongoing and will be added to throughout the show.
If your experience is shit, come back tomorrow: we’ll post highlights and recorded videos to view at leisure, as well as additional documentation of the works.

Check in regularly for updates or follow @peep.show.exhibition

Thanks for dropping in.